South Africans hold peaceful matches to apologize to Africans for Xenophobia


A group of South Africans are reported to have started with moves of rendering apologies to the rest of Africa for the xenophobic attack that were meted on them in previous weeks.

According to a video which was sighted by on social media, a group of South Africans dressed in red and black were seen having a peaceful match.

Reports have it that they were sending words of apologies to other Africans who suffered from the cruelty of xenophobia.

Over the past weeks, hundreds of foreign Africans living in South Africa were treated with all kinds of abuses causing some to loose their lives.

Nigerians according to reports were the greatest sufferers of the xenophobic attacks with many having their shops looted and destroyed.

Several African foreigners had to flee for their lives and some governments have already initiated moves to get their citizens out of South Africa.  

A number of Nigerians are reported to have returned home while preparations are underway to take other badges out of South Africa.

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